Foundations: Blues

A hands-on journey through the music that shaped america

Whether you're a seasoned musician or just beginning your musical journey, this class is for you.

In 6 weeks you'll learn:

  • How to the 12-bar blues.
  • How to improvise over the standard blues progression.
  • 3 distinctive Blues styles
  • Immersive history and key Blues icons.
  • Flavors including recipes and cocktails of the week.

Plus, you'll meet amazing new friends and get personalized feedback on your playing!

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    How we deliver:

    1. Weekly virtual modules uploaded to your member site for self-paced learning
    2. Live Q&A with our instructors for personalized feedback
    3. Dynamic Facebook group for questions, sharing, recommendations, and meeting awesome people.

    Why Attend?

    ✅ Gain an insider's perspective on what matters when playing the blues, curated for every level.
    Seriously: every level.
    ✅ Receive expert guidance on jamming on any instrument. Seriously: any instrument.
    ✅ Boost your confidence and sound great, even if you're a beginner.
    ✅ Understand the ins and outs of joining a blues jam.
    ✅ Access exclusive Q&A sessions with professional performers.
    ✅ Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network.

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    Man playing guitar in a band with people dancing, blue light

    About Your Instructor

    A teacher, performer, and songwriter from Silverton, OR, Ed Kopp brings decades of professional experience in blues, rock, jazz, funk, and folk. His fun and relaxed teaching style creates an environment for learning and growth.

    Regardless of your level, Ed will meet you where you are and guide you forward.

    Technical guidance can be provided on guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and drums. Other instruments are welcome to join and can get immense value from the course, you'll just need to know your way around your instrument.

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